Swimming Pool Saltwater System BLSC

BLSC salt system is certified by the Electrical Testing Laboratories (ETL) and delivers Sanitized water that won' t occur itchy skin, red eyes or hair problems. Cell plates are made by USA manufacturer.

  • BLSC20 MSRP Based Price: $1,425.62
  • BLSC30 MSRP Based Price: $1,491.34
  • BLSC40 MSRP Based Price: $1,669.91

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    BLSC swimming pool saltwater system features the super chlorine mode which can auto generator the maximum amount of chlorine for the pool in 24 hours, do not worry about the high salt level and temperature, the system can indicator and protect salt level from 2300ppm to 6500ppm, temperature from 50f to 140f.
    high performance salt chlorinators with smart chlorinator program, compatible with Hayward® Aquarite
    ® plumbing.
    ---- The same three year warranty, the same US MADE cell plate material.
    ---- No pipe line work needed

    Model For pool size
    Blueworks BLSC20 60 to 75 m³/20,000 gallon/75,000 ltrs
    Blueworks BLSC30 75 to 115 m³/30,000 gallon/115,000 ltrs
    Blueworks BLSC40 115 to 150 m³/40,000 gallon/150,000 ltrs

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  • Features

    ●Water flow detector
    ●Long life time cell 10000-25000 hours
    ●Digital display, membrane panel
    ●Accurate salinity level reading
    ●Adjustable chlorine output
    ●Super chlorination mode
    ●High & low salt indicators & protection (working salt from 2300PPM to 6500PPM)
    ●High & low temperature indicators & protection (working temperature from 50F to 140F)
    ●Cell failed indicator
    ●Easy setting design
    ●Workable for hot weather area like Arizona, CA, FL.
    ●2-year full warranty

    Model No. Chlorine Output Salt Level Cell Self cleaning Salt Chlorinator Style Unit Gross Weight Unit Size Voltage
    BLSC-C20K/30K/40K 20/30/40 grams/hour 3400 PPM Reverse polarity Suitable for InGround Pool Round 10kgs 35*22*10cm 110V/220V

    2-year full warranty

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