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Blueworks Solar Robotic Pool Cleaner

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Blueworks Solar Robotic Pool Cleaner

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  • ●Automatically remove various floating debris on the water surface, such as: leaves, dust, pollen, dead insects, etc.

    100% of the energy power comes from solar energy. There is no cable connection, and a built-in battery provides power for use at night.
    ●The underwater brushless motor directly drives the thruster, eliminating the shortcomings of the low life of traditional reduction gears.
    ●Unique wireless remote-control function, which is convenient for you to easily switch between automatic and remote control. ●You can use the remote control to operate the robot to perform fast fixed-point cleaning, or use the remote control to steer the robot to dock anytime and anywhere.
    ●The large basket capacity and the unique upper handle solution are suitable for cleaning the basket without removing the machine from the water.

    1 year warranty

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